Clinical Herbal Consultations

One on one full length clinical consultations are available by appointment in person, on zoom, or over the phone. To book your appointment, please call the shop at 413-341-3490. Please note, we do not have capacity to book by email.

Before your first visit, we will send you a link to an in-depth whole health history intake form via google forms. Please complete and submit the forms before our first appointment together. This first appointment is around one hour long. We will have the opportunity to discuss what you have going on, and which body systems you'd like to focus on supporting. We will go through the intake form together, do some herbal education and go over a number of nourishing self care strategies that can be integrated into your practices. We will then share which herbal formulas are recommended in supporting your systems. You are welcome to purchase the herbs recommended in our consultation from Community Care Apothecary or any other herb shop/supplier that meets your needs. We will follow up 2-3 weeks later for a 30-45 minute appointment to check in about how everything is working out. At this point we can assess if we need to tweak any of the formulas and go over some practical solutions to any support you may need surrounding your herbal exploration.

A little bit about the herbalist:

I come to each consultation as a clinical herbalist with a background in integrative health care, where I specialized in pelvic & abdominal therapy, injury & rehabilitation and prenatal & postpartum support for over a decade before opening the herb shop. In addition to time spent in the treatment room doing manual therapies, supporting pregnant folks as a full spectrum doula and educator has been a meaningful part of my practice for many years. 

As a later in life identified Autistic nonbinary trans person, I am especially enthusiastic about connecting with neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ clients who will benefit from working with an herbalist that shares these significant identities which are often times not understood or met with care.  

-Reede (they/them)

Appointment cost:

Initial 1 hour private consultation $125 (depending on complexities of what you have happening may be up to 90 minutes)

Follow-up 30-45 minute appointment $75

Payment plans and sliding scale are available as needed. Please inquire for details.